Moon Period Cup: Buy Reusable Menstrual Cups Online in India

Moon Period Cup

The Moon Period Cup in India is for those women who wish to lead a hygienic life. This cup aims to hold 30 ml of menstrual blood. As this cup secures the blood well, women prefer using it for safety and hygiene. It is used extensively by women across India and counts among the most reasonable menstrual accessories.

What’s best about the moon period cup in India is these accessories keep women hygienic throughout their menstrual week. By eliminating her from the need to use expensive sanitary pads, it acts as the perfect substitute by holding the blood securely. The design of the cup is that it does not allow the blood to overflow. It has been perfectly designed to fit the vaginal area and takes in blood discreetly. Hence, women will be assured that there is no mess on the go.

As far as the moon period cup in India is concerned, our online sex toys store brings the most advanced Menstrual Cup. Its body is made of silicone and hence safe for the female genitals. It is best to clean up first before the wearer takes it for use. The user has to remove it after she gets the feel that the cup is almost full. Everything will be discreet, and women will not have to wear sanitary pads.