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Sex Real Doll

By the term ‘sex real doll”, we mean a sex doll in the form of an adult woman with realistic body parts. To make it look lifelike, it comes with a hot body, including genitals.

These dolls look real as they can sit, lie, and play with fun. Kolkatasextoy, the reputed online sex toys store in Kolkata, has a variety of real sex dolls at the most reasonable prices.

The real sex doll is hot, seductive, and has alluring private parts. The manufacturers intentionally lend these parts perfect shape so that men can take them as real girls and enjoy doing multiple erotic acts.

A good reason why plenty of men go for these sex dolls is their realistic look and feel. Hence, the demand to buy real sex dolls in India is rising.

Kolkatasextoy Brings you a Variety of real sex dolls in India

Before we delve deeper into the world of real sex dolls, we must know there are various types. So, here is what you should know about the real sex dolls available at our online sex toys store, Kolkatasextoy. Have a look:


  • The Basic Ones

The basic sex real dolls refer to those that come with a simple human female figure. In these models, there is only a single private part. There is either vagina or anus with which men have to satisfy themselves. These are not very pricey, and beginners tend to buy them mostly.


  • The Customizable Ones

The customizable sex real dolls are those which come with specific toy features. It may be the doll’s outfits, skin tone, hair colour, etc. Many men prefer to have a more personalized experience with these customizable dolls.


  • The Realistic Ones

The most popular ones are the realistic sex dolls. These dolls are usually in high demand among men. The realistic dolls show an incredible resemblance to real hot girls that leave men happy and satisfied. Most realistic models come with multiple private parts like a vagina, breasts, buttocks, etc.


  • The Torso Ones

The sex dolls with torsos only come with the body’s upper section. To be precise, it usually comprises a head and the breasts. These sex dolls are easy to carry since they are compact. Hence, men find them more accessible to store.


Some Notable Features of Sex Real Dolls

More than being sexy, cuddly, and alluring, whole-body sex dolls have more features that make them stand out from other sex toys for men. Once you know these features, it will be easier to check and find out whether you are going for a suitable investment. Since sex dolls are among the expensive ones, one should always check the features and order accordingly.


So, here are those notable features of real sex dolls that one should check:


The Material Matters

Never make the blunder to ignore the material with which the doll is made. Yes, it matters, especially about satisfying men in bed. The touch, feel, and essence are the three deciding factors behind a doll’s sex appeal. Remember, a lifelike sex doll is made with silicone, TPR, and PVC. Apart from these materials, it is advisable not to opt for anything else. Also, these ease the cleaning job with toy cleaners or soapy solutions. Safety is also crucial when you are bringing a doll into contact.


The Dimension Counts

Weight and size are the two factors that should be considered when buying a lifelike sex doll. There are dolls of varying sizes, from mini to big-sized. It depends on how much space you can provide to store it at home. When you spend so much, you must maintain it with care. Also, the doll's weight is essential because it is often a challenge to carry big dolls from one section of the house to another.


The Presence of Voice Adds More Life

Sex dolls look so real, hot, and appealing that you don’t need their voice to feel them. But if they come with a voice, they will sound more human. While you are on with your strokes, she will keep yelling and gasping, which would be audible through her voice. Those real sex dolls that are highly priced mostly come with articulation features. So, when a man is involved in any sexual activity with her, she responds through her voice and makes him feel that she is enjoying the performance. The experience becomes more enjoyable.


The Multiple Genitals Make a Difference

Playing with a doll with all the private parts in good shape and natural complexion is great. The more private parts a doll has, the more pleasure the man achieves. He can enjoy vaginal penetration and oral sex at the same time. Also, a 69 or a doggy style would be great with such a sex real doll. The realistic dolls mentioned above fall under this category and are among the highest sex toys for men. Before penetration, one should use water-based gel or lubricant inside the part to ensure the best strokes.


The Durability Pays Off

We love investing in things that can stay for a lifetime. Of course, a short-lived thing can never be so pricey. So, when you know it’s none other than a lifelike sex doll coming home, you need to ensure its longevity. As discussed earlier, the material will always matter. But if you are buying online, how will you provide the same? Contact the store and talk to the seller to ensure that the material of the doll is not phthalate-free. Remember, silicone bodies take no effort to clean up. Even PVC or TPR bodies are easy to maintain.


The Supported Accessories Meet Your Needs

When you get a sex doll in hand, you tend to make it lustier and naughtier. You look for her dress and other accessories that lend her a kinky look. So, when you buy the doll, you can get some related accessories and give it her ultimate look. Make her wear something seductive or hot lingerie that would be enough to allure you. On adding these accessories, men find them like real-life partners waiting in style to seduce them.


Steps to Get Her Ready for the Night

It might seem a mammoth task for a man to prepare a big hot doll in bed. But there are a few things in mind which he should keep in mind out of pleasure. Getting her ready for action will not be a challenge if these are met.

Here is how you can start:

  • Check whether there are cracks or dents

There might be little dents or cracks left in the vaginal hole. Remove them all with the help of a cloth. It would be best if it is damp so that cleaning is better. Be sure to do this job after unpacking the doll.


  • Clean every body part

Next, take a cloth and wipe the doll from top to bottom. Go to each body part and wipe it well so no chemical residues are left. The manufacturers use these during the making process. However, they remove it all before handing over the toy. Despite this, check thoroughly.


  • Take a toy cleaner for proper cleaning

More than any cleaning agent, toy cleaners are best as these comprise no harsh ingredients. These cleaners are usually mild on all materials and leave no harmful effects. So, if you think about the side effects of using a toy cleaner, you are wrong.


  • Dress Her Up

Keep lacy panties and bras ready because your doll deserves to be naughty. Imagine you had a partner in real. So, won’t you desire to see her in the kinkiest outfits? Treat your doll the same because she would look hotter and more irresistible in these undergarments. You can always take her measurements and get those accordingly. Once these fit her body accurately, she is bound to look saucy. Hence, the right dress is crucial to make your wet dreams come true.


Significance of Using Lubricants on Sex Real Dolls

Not all lubricants are indeed best for real sex dolls. The upper section is of Thermoplastic Elastomer. The lower part, comprising the genitals like the vagina, anus, clitoris, butt, etc., is of silicone. So, the safest way would be to use water-based lubricants on the genitals.

A water-based lube would be best to keep the silicone bodies in safe conditions. Also, these lubes are safe to make men enjoy sex more with these dolls. Experts say that a lube in lukewarm water will be more effective for sensing the genitals. Aim those two holes and apply the water-based lube. Start taking gentle strokes and pull up the speed after some ten or twenty.


Anal Sex is the Most Enjoyable with a Sex Real Doll

There is nothing more enjoyable and satisfactory than anal sex. When you are with your doll, she can make it more intense. One should remember he cannot apply his entire weight onto the doll. Otherwise, there is a high chance of breaking the joints. The doll’s anal area will be dry; hence, it should require a good amount of lube for insertion.

Another incredible way to enjoy anal sex with a real sex doll is to try different anal sex toys. There are many options at the online store. For instance, one can start with anal dildos. As these dildos come with narrow ends, insertion will not be a problem. Other options include anal beads, butt plugs, and anal vibrators. Enjoying anal sex with a real sex doll would be no less a practice for men to try with their partners. However, it is one of the most complex sexual acts; a sex doll can make it look easy.


Trying Other Sexual Acts with the Sex Real Doll

Nothing but creativity and a naughty mindset can let you enjoy your sex life with a lifelike sex doll. Going for missionary, doggy style, and spooning with her is okay. But one thing that would give men extreme pleasure is pretty feet. The makers ensure to add a sexy look and feel to the doll’s feet so that men can fulfil their erotic fantasies.

Squeezing her breasts or applying an electro-sex machine or maybe the nipple clamps will do an incredible job. Fortunately, these sex dolls come with breasts of big sizes to double the pleasure of men in bed. Hence, applying a lube on the nipples and masturbating can be a great way for a man to have fun with her.

Sex toy experts say a lifelike sex doll is fun to play with vibrators. The rabbit vibrator and bullet vibrator are the two most popular picks in this context. Once she gets up in bed, she will never want to be at rest, and this would depend on how a man would make her do so.


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