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Sex Toys In Kolkata : Our journey commenced 4 years back in 2016 when we started with a handful of members in a small room. Right in the heart of Kolkata, we started selling different types of products to people throughout the city.

As time passed, we were struck with a very unique concept. This was making people sexually happy in the safest possible manner. Hence, we started our online store in the name of Kolkatasextoy with the objective to sell sex toys in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal.

After getting minimal orders at the initial stage, we marched beyond the boundaries of Kolkata and headed to various parts of Bengal like Burdwan, Asansol, Horwah, Barasat and more. Right after succeeding here, we aimed to reach out to other cities. Fortunately, we made this happen as we got bulk orders from Delhi and Navi Mumbai. 

Kolkatasextoy in 2020 has emerged to be among the highest selling online adult toy shops. Currently, it has got more than 1200 products and serves men, women and couples of all ages. Furthermore, it has the most advanced erotic gadgets as well as a unique range of sex products and accessories that would make one more confident to keep their sex life going.



Why Prefer Shopping from Kolkatasextoy over others?

Kolkatasextoy boasts of an exceptional collection of erotic toys and accessories. The variety, the quality, the safety and the functionality assured by the products here are no doubt great.

So, keeping track of what customers have spoken about shopping from this online sex toy store in Kolkata, here are the prime reasons why Kolkatasextoy is a happening online sex toy shop right now:


Skin-friendly Products – Kolkatasextoy has all toxic-free products that would never cause any harm to one’s skin and genitals.

Excellent Variety of Adult Accessories – The variety of sex toys and accessories here is excellent and huge.

Customer Care Support – Kolkatasextoy has a customer care support department where one can call and request for an order or sort out any query.

Flexible Payment Methods – You can avail the most flexible payment modes while shopping here. One can opt to pay cash on delivery or make online payment through debit/credit card.

Discreet Delivery – For every order accepted at Kolkatasextoy, it assures to deliver in the most discreet manner.  



Is Buying Sex Toys Safe from Kolkatasextoy?

Buying sex toys from Kolkatasextoy is definitely safe. We have got the most flexible and reliable payment methods. These include Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit card, Paytm and Payumoney.

Customers will, therefore, find it safer to pay through any of these methods while shopping from our online sex toy store in Kolkata. In fact, all our transactions are kept confidential and we also keep no hidden cost in this process.



How Can I Order Sex Toys from Kolkatasextoy?

Kolkatasextoy has the simplest shopping procedures. Have a look at how one can place an order for buying online sex toys in Kolkata:


1. Order from the Website

Kolkatasextoy makes it absolutely simple for its customers to place an order through the store. For this, one has to visit our website, browse the product he/she wants to buy, add to kart and process the order. This would involve a few formal procedures that are required to be met in the correct manner.


2. Order through a Customer Care Representative

Kolkatasextoy has a dedicated customer care department that is equipped with knowledgeable sales executives. They are aware about every product and have solutions for every issue. In the process of taking an order from the customers, they require some details. Once these are verified, the order would be processed.



What Sex Toys are Available at Kolkatasextoy?

Kolkatasextoy has the most exclusive surprises for singles and couples who want to have the most enjoyable sex life. Hence, we have got such sex toys in Kolkata that would keep everyone sexually safe.


Female Sex Toys in Kolkata

Kolkatasextoy has got the finest collection of female sex toys that include some hot erotic products, accessories and needy stuff.


Sex Toys for Girls

Women will now be on Cloud 9 with the variety of sex toys here at Kolkatasextoy. The amazing adult toys for female here include products like fun vibrators, sex machines, electro sex toys, vibrating massagers, realistic vibrators etc.


Accessories for Girls

With this subcategory, ladies will find here the most outstanding erotic accessories. Here one will find products like steel rings, vibrating underwear, silicone breast prosthesis, nipple vibrators, breast silicone bra and pad, and more.


Needs for Girls

If girls are in need of some needy adult stuff, this subcategory would indeed be helpful to browse. One would be able to shop here for enlargement machines, breast enlargement cream, artificial hymen and more.


Male Sex Toys in Kolkata

Men will regain happiness in their sex life as Kolkatasextoy brings an amazing range of adult products and accessories.


Sex Toys for Boys

This subcategory brings a plethora of adult toys for men. Here one would find advanced male strokers, big artificial vagina, silicone dolls, male masturbators and more. These adult sex toys for male here promise full safety and enjoyment at the same time.


Needs for Boys

There are several adult products that become a necessity for men to stay happy and confident. In this respect, this subcategory includes needy toys for men like penis sleeves, enlargement cream, enlargement machine, boys sex kit and more.


Couple Sex Toys in Kolkata

The choices and preferences for couples in Kolkata have been taken into consideration by our online sex toy shop. Therefore, we have preserved a grand collection of sex products and accessories for couples.

So, those who will be browsing the ‘For Couple’ category will come across products like strap-on, anal sex toys and even toy cleaners. Each and every product is high on quality and meets the highest safety standards.


Special Products for Special Occasions

Kolkatasextoy has in store a special collection to add extra dozes of happiness and passion in the life of men and women. Here is a quick look:


Party Sex Toys in Kolkata

Partying with a sexual mindset is completely different. So, here comes our party toys collection that includes bondage sex toys like chastity lock, handcuff, leather whip, bondage chair and what not.

Apart from these, there are fun stuff and kinky pleasure items for both couples and singles. For instance, there are pheromone sprays and scented erotic candles as well.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Kolkata

The lube and herbal category comprises the purest and the most natural adult products and supplements for men and women. Here one will be able to shop for Herbal sexy products, Thai massage oils, desensitizers, and more. These products will be great for couples as well as singles.

The arousal gels and lubricants here are also worth considering. What’s good about these products is that these are made of skin-friendly components that assure harmless sex life.  


Long Distance Sex Toys in Kolkata

One of the most brilliant gadgets couples will find worthy to play with is the app control vibrator. This category brings some super advanced bullet vibrators that are made to run through a smartphone application. It gets connected between two users with the help of Bluetooth.

Wherever the two partners reside, this magical vibrator will bring them closer. Kolkata has responded superbly towards this specialized vibrator for couples.



5 Top Picks at Kolkatasextoy

We here at Kolkatasextoy have figured out the most popular products that have grabbed attention in the last few months. Take a quick look:


Realistic Vibrator

The realistic vibrator is undoubtedly a very popular sex toy for girls. These look exactly like the male private part and used by girls for vaginal penetration. 

These vibrators are mostly made of high quality silicone. Moreover, these feature multi-speed vibration mode that makes the sessions quite enjoyable. Check out for more realistic vibrators among the female sex toys in Howrah.



Couples will have a super time enjoying with each other wearing the strap-on. This toy usually includes a penis that stays hooked to a harness.

These are worn around the waist and used accordingly. Both the partners can use this toy in turns and have unlimited fun inside their bedroom. A unique collection can be found among the couple sex toys in Asansol.


Cock Ring

Cock rings are great for men who fail to achieve erection. These rings are equipped with such mechanism so as to stimulate the male genitals for erotic sensations.

Cock rings are quite comfortable to wear. In fact, men will not have any skin irritations while wearing these around the base of their penis. For more cock rings, the online sex toys in Burdwan will be worth browsing.


Silicone Love Doll

Nothing would beat the level of satisfaction and the degree of enjoyment than what a sex doll would bring men. These dolls have features so similar to humans that men would mistake them as real hot girls of flesh and blood.

These sex dolls are made of pure quality silicone. Be it their look or private parts, these dolls are perfect to satisfy men in bed. The most ravishing sex dolls can now be found among the male sex toys in Kolkata.


Sex Machine

Women who are ready to go wild for sex will find sex machines worthy to use. These machines come attached with a dildo that can be made to operate at non-stop speed.

Beginners should be aware while using a sex machine for the first time. Some advanced models can now be found while shopping for sex toys in Barasat.



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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Kanchan S.
No more unsatisfied nights
For a long period of time my fancy was to try an adult toy. So, finally I got my first-ever vibrator from this online store for excessive fun. The vibrator is long enough and I just love when it smoothly enters the private area and hits the right area. The stimulations are just amazing and I can’t explain the level of happiness at all.
Moderated on 11/18/2021.
Amrita G.
I don’t need help from any partner
I have happy single life and want to continue be the same. However, to fulfill my naughty bedroom desires I got an incredible glass dildo from this online store. The strong thrusts from the dildo stimulate me and then the lengthy dildo hits the right area and makes me happy. The colour of the dildo is also very nice and the red spiral is my favourite too.
Moderated on 11/02/2021.
Sunidhi G.
Perfect stimulator for me
Every night I can get multiple level f vibes within my vagina. This is because of the luxury vibrator that has given me maximum and numerous levels of pleasure that stimulates me entirely and than fulfills my carnal desires. The awesome thrusts are also remarkable and I just like the colour combination of this soft vibrator I brilliant.
Moderated on 10/29/2021.
Sumona V.
The colour of the toy is very exceptional
My partner and I both are happy with this luxury vibrator. This is because the toy slowly stimulates the private part and turns me on slowly. It helps me to get pleasure from the rest of the night and fulfils my hidden fantasies very easily.
Moderated on 10/16/2021.
Jyoti B.
Long and enjoyable nights
Hi girls, my nights are enjoyable as the rabbit vibrator I bought is just fantastic. I can’t even live a night right now without the toy. This is because the toy has fulfilled my inner desires by giving unconditional pleasure with vibes also by pinpointing the right area. The colour of the toy is also wow.
Moderated on 10/02/2021.
Neelam K.
I am very excited to have a rabbit vibrator
The toy is unique and moreover, it is very gentle on my skin. I just love to play with this toy for the whole night and derive pleasure all the nights. The colour of the mature toy is also uncommon.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
ShaikhTanvir A.
verified_user Verified Purchase
Beyond 2006 Rabbit Vibrator RV-002
I ordered this item but what they sent is totally different. Cheap & inferior quality. I’m trying to call them for replace the item but they are not responding. Pls. don’t buy anything from this site. They are cheater !!!
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Ishita S.
Very good toy for female
I have never experience playing with a non-vibrator. This is my first time and trusts me I am super duper happy to see that the pump inflates the toy and makes it thicker that makes me satisfied.
Moderated on 09/23/2021.
Tanvi S.
It's really amazing product
Private enjoyment has gone to the next level with this pink colour dildo. This toy is made of silicone that means it is safe for the nether region. In fact, the dildo is washable with water and litter soap.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Sumona R.
Best online shop for mature toys
I am thankful to this website for giving me such a soft and realistic mature toy that is easy to use. The toy is soft and long that hits the right area without worries.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Rashmika D.
The tenderness of the toy makes me comfortable as well
Testing out naughty games is my fantasy. So, I look for a mature toy that is different. This is the reason why, I just love to use it every single night before sleeping. It pinpoints the correct spot and makes me wild as well.
Moderated on 09/14/2021.
Kakoli M.
The packing of the product was really good
I have something or rather I must say a perfect toy that makes me satisfied in bed always. My bestfriend suggested this one to me. So, selecting it was an easy task for me. But I can’t lie that as this one is exceptionally good at making me happy as the long toy pinpoints the correct spot effortlessly.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Poornima K.
It gives me awesome vibes
Now my life is no more stressful and the credit goes to this website. It has provided a wonderful vibrating massager that stimulates the internal areas perfectly. The 2 speed switch give awesome vibes. The charge lasts for a long time and the motor is powerful as well.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Pappu B.
A little amount of this cream makes me feel naughty
My life is not less than a race and so I faced innumerable intimate problems in bed. For many days my life was not like before. I understood the reason was anxiety and so I was looking for an amazing product. Finally, my search came to an end when I saw this delay cram on this website.
Moderated on 08/19/2021.
Mr. A.
Life has become exciting my friends after buy it
Trust me, this cock ring has actually saved my relationship. It also helped to cure my long-term intimate problems of mine. I can please my wife like before and last longer than as well. The privacy policy of the online store is praiseworthy as well.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Anas S.
Amazing product for male
Guys, I was really having a difficult time with my undersized penis. I was unable to get married for the same thing. Then 3 months before I bought this toy. Trust me, my marriage is now fixed with my long-time girlfriend. From the last month, we are experimenting in bed with various toys. Both of us are happy with this device.
Moderated on 08/02/2021.
Kriti P.
The vibrations are awesome
I love playing with nipples and so I always wanted a device that perfectly stimulates the nipples. The vibrations are awesome and it makes me feel naughty. Even my boyfriend loves this device as I become wild after using it.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Naina T.
The vibes are awesome and has pleased me completely
Stimulation is the main thing for me in lovemaking. So, I just bought this awesome rabbit vibrator from this website. Now even my partner loves it because it makes me wilder. Moreover, the colour of the toy is also quite nice.
Moderated on 07/02/2021.
Saloni p.
This mini vibrating massager is brilliant for new sensations
Massage can do magic. For me, it's really important as it is a kind of stimulation for me. So, when I went on a trip, I bought an amazing toy for me. It is small but looks awesome. Moreover, I can carry it anywhere I want.
Moderated on 06/28/2021.
Mrs. I.
I am so happy to see it
Yes, the name is appropriate as the fire inside me gets reignited by using this sex machine. The white colour sex machine is perfect to tantalize my inner organs. As a result, I can experience a different level of satisfaction in my body.
Moderated on 06/22/2021.
Leena j.
I enjoy the 10 different vibration mode with this bullet vibrator
Hello girls, I am happy like anything. This is because my dream has come true. This device is just the perfect one as it is small and I can carry it easily anywhere. I did the same and just enjoyed the 10 different vibrations in a hotel as I wanted.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Simran D.
The product is so soft and flexible
I know modern toys mean vibrators. But trust me I prefer manual toys more. This is the reason I bought this real-like looking wand from this website. It goes straight into the deepest end of my pleasure point and makes me go crazy.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Vishal Y.
I will recommend it to all the singles
Male stroker can do actual magic and this one is proved in my life. The search for a proper male stroker was really long. Then ultimately I bought this one from this online store. The ribbed inside the toy gives me double pleasure. I can now attain physical and mental satisfaction totally by using this toy.
Moderated on 06/01/2021.
Arjun M.
The girl looks so real and her sexy posture had turned me on with its first look
I am from Kolkata and so purchasing a mature toy is not difficult due to this awesome site. When I first visited this website, I saw a pop-up message on my screen. As I was not sure what to buy, I started chatting and they only suggested me 3 items. From the 3, i chose this one. Everytime, I play with her I cannot control my naughtiness.
Moderated on 06/01/2021.
Kiran M.
One of the amazing lube gel
I was in search of a solution for my erectile dysfunction. Finally I bought this product from your website. The herbal product is really effective to make me last long in bed. Trust me friends, now lovemaking is more pleasurable and happy than before. Both of us can feel the changes.
Moderated on 05/10/2021.
Rohan k.
I was surprised when I found it
I had purchased a rabbit vibrator for my girlfriend and this was my first purchase. I was surprised when I found that it worked as a magic on her. The suction cup with clitoris stimulation makes her go wild with sensations. Moreover, the 7 different modes of vibration are equally outstanding at giving her quicker orgasms than before. Really both of us enjoy complete satisfaction from this device.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Brinda g.
I love this product
Excited women cream has helped me to regain my will of getting aroused in no time. The natural formula is safe and secure to use on clitoris. In no time I can feel the sensations by applying a small amount of cream on my genital. Thus it makes me last longer on bed and fulfil my wild fantasies.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Manisha J.
Best gift for female
I always wanted to gift a very trendy vibrator to my girlfriend! So, I got this and surprised her. What she was most happy about is when she inserted it right inside. Really happy with the product! Instead, she is asking for one more to add to her collection. I even loved the wrapping you did. It had no issues in delivery. Thanks guys!!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Swapna J.
Wow.. so pretty product
Massive collection of sex products! The variety is outstanding here and the prices are decent. In fact, I had no issues ordering it from the store. I got it quicker than what I expected. I was happy that my order was delivered discreetly. Thank you so much!!
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Supriyo B.
Very nice product for male
A super pick for all those who enjoy masturbation like anything! It’s no doubt an advanced product and a bit new to beginners. It was great fun using it and what I loved is that it has no complex operations. No unpleasant sensations at all. Loved its body and most importantly when my dick came into contact with it.
Moderated on 04/07/2021.
Virender .
Super product for couple at minimum price
What can bring more excitement on bed than bondage sex? This kit is purely erotic to go for new positions. Being compact and comprising all kinds of products, it is worthy in making my moments so intense, Seriously, I and my partners are discovering some new positions with the help of this awesome product. We are happy with the product but a less vibrant color would be better.
Moderated on 03/17/2021.
Priya D.
Amazing product for female
I am astonished to find out such a wonderful gadget which entertains with music too. The erotic gadget syncs so nicely with the vibration produced that makes me go crazy. I have tried 7 different modes of vibration and each one is separate from the other. I have never imagined that music can help to give erotic pleasures to me. I am also pleased to have my delivery on time.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
Kalu S.
Super natural and wonderful product for male
This is a wonderful product for all single men like me. The doll exactly looks like a real human. The private parts are soft and penetration is very smooth. It is no doubt blissful to play with such a wonderful sex doll. Every time I use, I get faster orgasms than simple masturbation.
Moderated on 03/04/2021.
Amala S.
Product design is very pretty
This was the first time I played with a magic wand. Oh my god, what vibrations!! The massages I had were just out of the world. I would love to recommend it to all girls who want to get erotic on bed. Thanks you so much for this awesome product! Looking forward to ordering another one for my bestie!
Moderated on 02/27/2021.
Pranami D.
OMG!! what a special product for female
A completely new style of breast cup for women! It stays easy and does not create any discomfort for the user. Looks quite decent and assures a great experience. There is no question about the quality while its price is also quite affordable.
Moderated on 02/17/2021.
Vinod T.
Incredible and super natural doll for male
I was so happy to unpack this 16-kg doll. The skin color is so natural that you will hardly take her to be a doll. She is not just hot but a realistic woman with super private organs. Any man I bet would pounce on her to get laid with lust. It was packed and delivered discreetly.
Moderated on 02/11/2021.
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