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 Penis Extender Sleeve – Sustains Erection with Pleasure Available in Chandigarh

Are you not happy with your performance on the bed just because you have a short penis? Well, if you think you are a sufferer in this context, it’s time that you wipe off this misconception from your mind and opt for something effective that can help you fix things up. Kolkata Sex Toy, a reputed sex toy store in Kolkata, has brought an amazing product for men who can now better their performances by extending the size of their penis. Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve, made of premium quality silicone, will now play the key role in bettering the intercourse sessions of men. As it is made of silicone, it is absolutely flexible and safe on the skin. Furthermore, it looks exactly like a penis as it comes in skin color to retain its natural look.

Penis Extender Sleeve

With a decent length of 6 cm and a circumference of 5 cm, Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve has been designed with a rounded head along with a solid tip. Its ribbed shaft will result in stronger stimulations and will make penetrations stronger. When the balls will be made to bang against the clitoris, you will find your girl turning crazy and getting prepared for the climax.

So, if you are willing to show your potential on a bed and keep your girl satisfied, bring home this new-age penis extender sleeve and perform like you had never done so earlier. Don’t worry about its flexibility as it is stretchy and can fit any size to leave your partner happy and contented. Lastly, you can even use it under the showers as it is fully waterproof.